I am kind of wondering about the whole selfie culture, about how taking a photo of yourself has reached such peaks of phenomenality. Surely, I get it, it’s the whole ultra-cyber world we live in, the incredible technology allowing us to talk live with other people, communicate, share experiences and life.

But taking a ‘selfie’ has been pretty much as old as photography. Why wouldn’t you want to take a photo of yourself, if you have the possibility? How else am I to remember myself?! Cultivation of the ego might come to mind, though there’s always two sides of the coin and let’s face it, a photo can be just a photo, a memory-aid, how ’bout that?

I won’t argue that there’s a considerable amount of negative shit spurring from precisely this easy-ness with which we can instantly share our lives for the world to see. A culture of shallowness and exacerbated mindless consumerism, constantly pushing everyone to go on board a roller-coaster of competitions and games which have no other purpose than to keep everyone engaged in a driven life, constantly running in search of more meaning but always ending up replicating the same pre-imposed patterns of life and living. Such a culture has permeated deeply into the digital generations, into the existence of those born together with or just before the internet. A generation of content creators, who don’t even have to be paid to create the content but rather sometimes, they’d pay themselves to be able to be out there, online, on the world wide web.

I guess, like the song goes, like a bird on wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, i have tried, in my way, to be free. Maybe that’s just what everyone’s trying.


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