ADEV 2016

Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor 2016 – a street rave in Amsterdam, reclaiming the streets, trying to provide a free party as an alternative to the Amsterdam Dance Event (a highly commercial and mainstream annual thing which brings around party people from all over the world, focusing though on popular music, consumerism and entertainment, with no after thought, no depth, no interest whatsoever in the state of the world, no critique).

It was delightful to observe and participate in such a wave of freedom sweeping the streets of Amsterdam. It was also hard not to observe inconsistencies, contradictions, subtle superficialities, like the authorized character of the party, like the crowds which came to party on the streets, only to later go to one of the parties part of the ADE (against which they were supposedly protesting), like the submissive attitude, projected with the hope to be able to continue organizing the event in the future as well. It seems kind of funny how we try to revolutionize ourselves and our surroundings, but always within some safe boundaries. We can be of course radical, but just not completely.



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