The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2009)


What is weight? What value would a human’s life have if it would repeat itself infinitely, in the same circumstances?

If we deny the conventional idea of time and we accept the concept of the eternal return of the same, life becomes a useless dance of trials, a continuous pseudo-fight for the breaking of a vicious circle of repetitivity.
The infinite rerun of the same mistakes, the repetition of the same moments burden the being, tie it to a immutable existence, restricting every creative impulse, limiting any inclination towards novelty. Conformity dictates complete series of dichotomies, giving them already thought meanings, without leaving any space for interpretation or analysis. Weight is evil – lightness is good. But if we empty them of the pre-established meanings, the weight or lightness of life cannot be quantitatively measured as both of them create new interpretation possibilities. If living once is like not living at all, than the freeing of the being from every type of physical constraint determines two possible directions: either the awareness of the uselessness of a meaningless existence, or an infinite search for the element that would have the necessary force to creatively destroy the obstacles imposed right by this awareness of uselessness. Swinging between tangible and intangible, between material and immaterial is constant. What is the lightness of being? Could it be compared with the flight of birds or better yet with the violence of evolution?

A decisive question for the meaning of the human existence occurs: will a fight for the establishment of the human being in time and the overcoming of the idea of uselessness be chosen or the whole existence will orientate towards a blind and destructive evolution without any creative essence, exactly because of the lack of meaning? More and more today, the general direction points towards the second possibility, despite the supposed concern regarding future generations. The so-called superiority of the human being over nature is an illusion, nature being of a complexity that is untouchable for the human species as it has degenerated in the recent period.

Human “creation” from today’s society, this so-called evolution, is oriented only towards destruction and not even towards a creative destruction but one that eliminates any hope of recovery or creation of something else. The more it steps further away from nature, the more it embraces the artificial, man strives for destruction, towards the self-smothering of the species, towards the embracing of an existence subject to the dictatorship of ignorance and to the empire of the insignificant. If our existence doesn’t mean anything anyway then we are free to destroy at will. And if it does indeed mean something, we apparently destroy anyway without taking into account any consequences of our actions.
Weight and lightness are the same thing. Existence can be unique, or not. Regardless of these suppositions, humanity will self-destruct out of too much “need” for “evolution”, out of too much “superiority”, out of too much selfishness.


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