Leap from the void (2011)

You might say that this work suggests a hint of optimism, of hope, of desire to start off from the beginning. Jumping towards the sky, towards an area which Klein pretended to master, can only have positive connotations, especially when we also take into account the fall illustrated by the Romanian artist Ciprian Muresan in his work.

However, the intention of this work is not to renew, to refresh something that already exists. My leap does not represent an accedence to higher layers of knowledge, nor the expression of some brave ideals.

We could say that Klein’s void actually resides in the terrestrial space, if we look at the three works together, the final leap – from the void – being just another element of this triptych, of this cycle that could be considered to be significant from a symbolic point of view for the whole of art’s history.

Leaping from the void is neither a proof of courage, nor a sign of overcoming the issues that led to the initial fall, but a natural continuation of a cycle. At the same time, we can’t say that we’re talking about the end of that respective cycle as we are dealing with a sort of vicious circle, a sort of chess game in which no matter the strategy used, the moves are in the end more or less the same.

Accepting the fact that Klein’s void resides in the terrestrial space, my leap is actually oriented towards the place from which the artist initially jumped, determining a replay of the route, a new leap into the void, a new fall and a new rise. If the only certainty is change, then we understand that each new leap and each new fall are actually going to be different.


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