Emotional Diarrhe *drop no.4

The captivity of negativity vs The captivity of negative positivity

Is it not more or less the same thing if you commit yourself to focusing on the positive or instead focusing on the negative? Are you not still deluding yourself with false realities created by your own mind; fake worlds which only exist as a result of everything that has ever happened to you…just like everyone else does as well.

This constant role-playing, this disengagement from the common thin line we’re all walking on, this illusion that you can be above or below that line, or better yet, more to the front or to the back of the line, however endless and however in circles it might go.

The illusion of choice – how well preserved by those whose choices led them further away from themselves, or in any case far away enough to enable them to feel in someway confirmed in their actions, to feel they’re right and that they are where they are because that’s what they chose at a given time.

How strange that people still consider choice to be something which is entirely in the power of the individual, while all along, it’s mostly chance, well disguised…

I’ve often times wondered what do people find so attractive to positivity. It’s not to say that I always see the empty part of the glass but rather that I sometimes fail to understand why there needs to be a glass discussion in the first place.

I find tendencies to focus on either the positive or the negative just as poisonous and just as damaging for the human mind. Mainly because I don’t really believe in concepts of good or bad, lucky or unlucky, or other dualities which seem only to create conflict, not only with other people but mostly within ourselves.

I believe it’s fairly obvious to most people that there is a kind of duality in everything and that just as you can’t have light without darkness, you also cannot have happiness without suffering. What boggles me is the fact that even people who admit and acknowledge this, still find themselves trapped either in a frantic search for happiness or in a constant struggle to escape suffering.

My 2-cents theory is that neither is really worth the effort…

There’s of course a gap and a bridge between the theoretical understanding of a particular situation and the practical development of the same context.

It seems like the more people fight to escape suffering, the deeper they sink into it and the further they go from their authenticity – and I believe this goes both ways – for seekers of happiness, the never-ending quest for joy only takes them into an ego-trip full of self-righteous illusions and fantasies about solutions for all of life’s suffering.

Only the human mind could be so confused as to believe that there could ever be a solution to be found… Is it not rather contradictory that all these people are struggling so hard to find solutions to life? Because if life is suffering, then what exactly is the equation you are trying to solve? Can you not see that by running away from suffering, you are running away from life itself?

But of course, these are just random questions which cannot arise from indulging in the comforts of a happy life. Most people would not even agree that life is suffering since they are already so far away from themselves and so engaged in the positive phantasm that there is no way to reach into their soul. Same goes for those who glorify their suffering, by constantly comparing it, measuring it with that of other people. How do you keep hold of the middle way? How do you even begin to let go of both positive and negative, while realizing that they are both so powerfully intertwined that focusing on just one of them is a somewhat curious approach?

It’s baffling to see how strongly people hold on to themselves, how much they separate themselves, how much they tend to divide and create conflicts, failing to see that there is no division in life except the one created by our own minds.

Seeing things as they are is something I find very strange as well since no two people will ever see the same situation and experience the exact same thoughts and feelings. And this due to the previous past experiences of each and every one, experiences which I feel should have created a greater feeling of oneness instead of a separation of sorts….


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