Emotional Diarrhe *drop no.3

I’ve met karma twice. Once on the street, close to my home; she was a friend of a friend – she might be the first person that honestly wished me to ‘have a good day’. That stuck with me so hard that I’ve kept wishing everyone to ‘have a good day’ ever since.

The other Karma was a great doberman a friend used to have. For some reason, I always felt this friend should have treated Karma more nicely.

I wonder if people think much about stuff like that. About the consequences of their actions. I wonder if they’re aware of the impact they’re having as well as of the immense amount of wasted potential happening right now. I’d hope so, but their actions sure seem to show the opposite.

I wonder how can it be that contradictions aren’t more obvious to people. Since one thing you could say about today’s society is that it behaves in very contradictory ways.

This ‘obviousness’ is something which I find very difficult to overcome – I obviously must fail at truly seeing and understanding how existence manifests itself in many infinite ways and whether or not these ways seem nice or appropriate to me makes really no difference.

The question of becoming is something I find profoundly damaging for the human soul. Deeply contrary to the idea of simply being. Could it be that simply being is actually such a difficult and painful struggle that this eagerness for becoming takes hold?

I’ve always wondered why do people find it so hard to just be themselves, regardless of anything and anyone else. I’ve met of course many authentic people and to some degree I feel and see authenticity in everyone since we’re in a strange way different expressions, different interpretations of the same energy of life.

But still some people, or most people, struggle their whole lives to become something although they haven’t even given a thought to firstly discovering who they are before trying to be something else.

This world seems very delusional, in its mechanisms, in its outcomes. The conflicts and separations, the violence, the pain and suffering of the human existence is something I feel is shared by every soul although I doubt this kind of feeling of ‘oneness’ is something many people take seriously, since if they would, they would probably not treat each other the way they do.

This same idea of becoming instead of just being comes into play as well when speaking about one’s influence, power or significance as an individual. Since so many people have this tendency to either overlook the subject entirely or distrust themselves…or to come up with solutions of becoming something or someone with more status, authority and money, position from which you would then be able to ‘change the system’ from the inside.

I’ve honestly always found that to be a very funny idea. For me it’s always been like ‘you go into the system, you become the system’, and I believe it’s not a matter of whether or not you are strong enough and confident enough in yourself and your beliefs, since the system is simply not meant for facilitating the development of humanity but rather for ensuring that individuals conform to the preimposed patterns of existence, the ones considered ‘normal’, the ones that keep the wheels of this consumerist era running.

I’ve mentioned to a friend that if there would be anything I would do, if I had the power to change anything in this world, I would simply eliminate money – entirely. I have no super genius solutions for how things are supposed to work out but honestly I have all the trust in humanity and in humans that they will adapt to that as well and maybe achieve a switch of perspective.

But that’s of course not only absurd and undoable but also just one of the many things that could be done to try to ‘repair’ this world. I think however that it’s always so revealing to try to look at the root causes of things….and oh, how surprising to find the same elements at the base of all havoc in this world…

money money money….



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