∞ nowness ∞

there’s a path
that we walk
there’s a river
of thought
there’s a fire ablaze
there’s a montain
a forest
a hidden place
a long list of fears
discarded through years
of rummaging life
there’s light everywhere
if you look inside
there’s you and there’s me
there’s a cavalcade
of tornadoes and glee
there’s storms
and uprooting
of silence
and soothing
There’s wings and
there’s ether and
I see no way fitter
of expressing my heart
than to wither some words
Of dubious worlds
for there’s nothing at all
To describe
How it feels to be whole and
to look overall so just know
That the freedom in me
Loves the freedom in you and
Underneath an ocean of due
while I looked beyond love
My love
I still found you


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