Emotional Diarrhe * interlude

cinci I will never succeed at anything.

Being successful has never really interested me and I feel disconnected from the whole notion of success.

I feel overwhelmed. Classic story but the thoughts go through my head much faster than I’m able to write them down. Frustrating. Is writing them down even the best idea? Or is letting them go actually better?

Oh, the question of letting go. What if I told you that I already told you about that but you didn’t listen? I’m working on letting go, that’s my main job, my main occupation. It’s a full time activity since grabbing hold of every thought and feeling, memory and idea, is what I do for a living as well.

Nothing special there though, everyone does pretty much the same.

||| Doubting…|| Writing and erasing ||||

does everyone do pretty much the same? ||

How do you go about answering questions for yourself? And if someone else answers them for you, are those answers in any way compatible with the answers within you? Or have you yet to discover that the answers to all questions lie inside you?

This all sounds great until you actually start looking for them there.

Brace yourself, here comes doubt, uncertainty, fear and anxiety.

Does being full of wonder make you wonderful?


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