Emotional Diarrhe *drop no.1

I didn’t think to start writing because I felt I had something to say, to leave behind, not because I think I’m important or special and not because I feel there’s something I need to share with the world.

This guy was saying that writing was the only way to get rid of the thoughts that were troubling him. Maybe that’s an idea. Although to be honest, I think I’m slightly more concerned with not losing my mind instead of not being able to get rid of my thoughts. Maybe these two are actually one and the same thing: maybe you do indeed lose your mind if you’re not able to get rid of the thoughts within it.

And after all, what does losing your mind even mean anymore, in this schizophrenic world of profit and gain? And is there even a mind that you possess and which you might, at some point, risk losing. And is it even yours anyways?

I’ve always found it funny how people tend to be so sure of some things they have no way of being sure about. Like for example, each other’s thoughts, feelings, ideas and so on. What an illusion to think that you can ever understand another human being…it seems so obvious that it’s impossible that I simply don’t get how so many people get so deluded with themselves and with their ideas of the world. And ridiculously enough, I find myself wondering if I’m not deluding myself as well with my own ideas of the world and maybe that is simply unavoidable.

I honestly believe that you can never really get to know another person, just like in most cases, most people never really get the chance to know themselves. It’s of course a very easy thing to do, when nothing in our society promotes the inner-growth and discovery and understanding of the individual. Except maybe Yoga ( 🙂 ) which serves the great purpose of creating even more confusion within the superficial frame of our today’s world.


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