What if…


What if money wouldn’t exist. Or even better, if money would just disappear over night. That would be fantastic – imagine all the confusion and sudden purposelessness of so many individuals.

Such an absurdity to even think about what it would be like if something, which actually isn’t real, would disappear overnight.

Do you see it? Or maybe you’re still hooked on the belief that money is actually very real (more real than anything else in your life), very tangible, extremely desirable and pretty much the beginning and the end of all your endeavors.

That’s ok though…freedom of thought is guaranteed…feel free to not think about everything that makes you afraid, uncomfortable, insecure, weak and sensitive. That’s the recipe everyone’s following so don’t bother to be the exception. Just don’t think about it. There are so many distractions out there, such an avalanche of busyness, a torrent of judgement-clouding shallow thoughts, so many responsibilities, so many things to do…

I wonder, do people realize that they’re simply going to die one day? Regardless of what and if happens afterwards, I wonder if they really see it with all its inevitability. It would be weird to think that they do and still choose to behave like they do. And still that is exactly what’s happening.

How saddening to see such delusional approaches to existence, such schizophrenic attempts to survive life.


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