Anything less than vegan…

At this point in history, in this day and age, being anything less than vegan..means to support the perpetuation of cruelty, violence, pain, suffering and death; so while apathy seems to be so contagious today, a fair question to be asked is: what moves you?

What rocks you? What shakes you to your core? And ultimately, what touches your heart anymore…if your apathy has made you feel and think less, has made you even more disconnected from yourself and your own feelings, has caused you to succumb to things you would normally find unacceptable, should the victim be, let’s say, of your own species….

And why choose a life so superficial, surrounded by shadows of human beings, aimlessly searching for acceptance and validation, in a world built precisely on your ‘not giving a fuck’?

Remember ‘Captain Planet’?….The power is really is all yours…and if you choose to look away, to not give a shit, to be multi-faced and hypocritical about everything you do…then, i’m afraid you’re just rendering yourself powerless…yet another ‘good excuse’ to support your indulgence in mindlessness…


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